Labradoodle temperament I have already described in the section "THE TEMPERAMENT OF THE AUSTRALIAN LABRADOODLE". I recommend reading it and answering the main question before buying. Will you as a family be able to meet the essential needs of an Australian Labradoodle? Jif not - please think of a different breed, this exceptional dog should be in a truly exceptional family.

* Are you able to devote time to training with your dog? This is an extremely important issue. Labradoodles don't need a huge yard to run around. However, they need mental stimulation - that's why they work so well as working dogs.

Will you be able to devote at least 30 minutes a day to training with your dog for the first few months?

Australian Labradoodles are extremely intelligent dogs - they learn undesirable things as quickly as those that we want to teach them. They cannot be left alone. Of course - every dog will be grateful for a piece of yard, but nothing can replace contact with the owner.

*Australian Labradoodles love water. Will you leave your dog with your aunt during your out-of-town trips to the lake, or will you treat it just as a companion for joint trips?

Now imagine a five-year-old boy in rubber boots jumping into a puddle - this view can become a permanent part of your world if you open your heart to the Australian Labradoodle. Every puddle is a big field for my Labradoodles - who splashes whom more. A wonderful view for me, but is it for you?

Australian Labradoodles can also play in their bowls - spilling water on the kitchen floor. This has never happened to me, but I've heard similar stories.

* The Australian Labradoodle wants to accompany you wherever you go. My dogs lie down in bulk at the bathroom door, waiting for me to finally come out of it. They demand eye contact, wait for every command, are always on full alert - which makes them excellent working dogs. If you are looking for a yard dog, please choose a different breed. This does not mean that I go out with my dogs everywhere. A properly trained dog will be left alone at home without causing any trouble. However, if when you return home you expect the dog to lie quietly in a corner going about its business, then the Australian Labradoodle is definitely not the breed for you.

* Australian Labradoodles do not have a characteristic dog smell, do not shed and frequent bathing is not necessary, because the coat is self-cleaning - dirt just falls off it. However, they need regular care of the coat - combing and trimming it. At the age of about 10 months, in two types of hair ("curly" wavy and curly - more about it in the COLORS AND TYPES OF FUR section) the dog changes from puppy to adult fur. Then you need special care by trimming. Otherwise, knots may appear. Are you prepared for frequent combing and visits to the hairdresser 3 times a year?

The coat of the Australian Labradoodle - if properly cared for, is very easy to maintain. I comb my Labradoodle once a week, but I increase the frequency when the dog enters the period of replacing its coat with an adult one.

* Australian Labradoodles are cheesy dogs. Their stupidity can amuse many a purr. Sometimes it hits one wall, sometimes the other. They like to have fun. If you don't pay attention to them for too long, they'll come up with something to make you notice them. More than once socks were missing from the washing and Carmel ran up with the expression on her face: "catch me if you can, see what I have". It's fun for me, but it can be quite annoying for some people.

* Australian Labradoodles have a strong retrieving instinct - they work very well as playmates with children. They are very easy to arrange as assistants for people with disabilities, in retrieving various items. However, will you be able to stand a dog that will come up to you and take your sleeve in its mouth as if to say - "I want to show you something behind me? Carmel did an amazing thing in the first few weeks she arrived at her new home. Blanka (my West Highland White Terrier bitch) was throwing toys all over the house, Carmel was collecting them and bringing them to her basket.

You should answer all of the above questions before deciding on this breed. If you are not beyond what I wrote about - congratulations!

Remember, it is the breeder who should match the dog with the temperament that suits you and your family.


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