Australian Labradoodle – the new breed gained popularity very quickly – especially in the United States, where today it is number 3 on the list of the most popular breeds. Practically overnight, the number of Labradoodle breeders sprang up like mushrooms after rain.

However, I would like to draw special attention to how important it is to distinguish Labradoodle From Australian Labradoodle.

The assumption of most new breeders, unfortunately, was to make a profit as soon as possible. Many wanted to achieve what the creators of the breed (Australian Labradoodles) had been trying to achieve for years - ba! they are still coming - after all, research is still going on.

Is it really possible to "copy" in such a short period of time something that the precursors worked on for over 20 years?

The two main Research Centres, Rutland Manor and Tegan Park (no longer operational today), worked to maintain the 'sustainability' of the breed with the following main objectives:

  1. The dogs were supposed to be non-shedding
  2. Their fur should not cause allergic reactions
  3. Focus on conscious selection for specific temperament traits
  4. Only dogs that meet the highest health standards should be allowed to breed

The main assumption of the Australian pioneers was to breed an excellent working dog, which at the same time would be a hypoallergenic dog. Years of conscious selection for the right coat, temperament and health standards have led to what we recognize today as the Multi-Generation Australian Labradoodle.

We decided on an Australian Labradoodle for two reasons:

  • Numerous allergies and asthma did not allow you to have a dog other than one whose fur does not cause allergic reactions
  • Realizing that allergy is a common problem in today's society - a problem that will unfortunately grow, we also wondered how many people in this pool will need a guide dog due to their disability. And helping these people is the main motivator for our work

We want to provide the new owners with one of the highest possible standards. That's why we decided to get an Australian Labradoodle from one of the best

Australian lines - Rutlands.

Our canine team includes:

Rutlands Caramel Passion

Rutlands Golden Glamor

Hairy Passion Filigree Surprise

Hairy Passion Charming Molly

Rutlands Black Onyx


ASD Australian Labradoodle is currently not a breed registered by the FCI in the world.

The purity of the breed is supervised by the ALFA EUROPE organization, which requires registered breeders to comply with very strict ethical codes, including DNA tests to confirm kinship. It is an organization that operates more dynamically and more strictly than Kennel Clubs in the world. Due to the fact that this organization focuses on only one breed - it is able to control the activities of breeders associated in it.
All this to provide new buyers with the highest standards. The new owners do not want the hassle of chronic diseases and the associated expenses. They also don't want allergy problems - if that was the main reason for buying an Australian Labradoodle.
This organization, as the only one in Europe, also does not allow dogs other than Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles to be mated. This is very important because organizations sometimes allow mating with other breeds - poodles, spaniels ... I doubt that future owners would unknowingly want to be part of the experiment and wonder if their dog will be healthy in the future, will not moult and sensitize.
The organization brings together the elite - the best breeders of ASD Australian Labradoodles, who declare their commitment to protecting the breed by signing the code of ethics and complying with the rules and regulations set out by this organization.

The ASD (Australian Service Dog) logo registered by Rutland Manor is assigned to the elite breeders of the ASD Australian Labradoodle. Buyers should look for such a logo along with the ALFA EUROPE logo on the website of the breeder from whom they plan to buy a puppy.

ASD logo

ASD logo


Hairy Passion
Australian Labradoodle Kennel in Poland
First Australian Labradoodle in Poland

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