behavioral science

My adventure with animals began when it had to end abruptly. Due to asthma and numerous allergies, I had to find homes - first for my beloved parrot, then for my Basset Hound. However, I soon realized that it was all part of a larger plan.

It took a long time before I decided to get another pet. I have been looking for information about hypoallergenic breeds for quite a long time. Just three years ago, public awareness of their existence was very low. To illustrate - on one of the forums of such breeds I found a definition of the word "hypoallergenic": HIPO - very, very much (there was even a comparison to a hippopotamus), ALLERGIC - sensitizing - meaning "a dog that is very allergic". I do not have to mention that the above definition has now been transferred to the so-called gems on this forum.

After numerous visits to the breeder (I was also very skeptical about hypoallergenicity) I decided on a West Highland White Terrier female, with whom I started training at the Pastel Dog Training Centre. It was then that the idea of working with animals was born for the first time and that's where I found my true passion. This idea did not yet form a coherent whole – in fact, it was only a sketch, which is subject to constant, smaller or larger modifications to this day.

I gained experience by training my dogs, among the most favorite ones I include dog sports training. I have also trained kennel dogs of various ages and after various experiences. My big success were the results of a month's work with a dog that was beaten by the previous trainer. I find myself providing behavioral assistance to dog owners and I want to develop further in this direction.

For the Kennel Club, I do puppy temperament tests when collecting litters. Currently, I have started experiments that I hope to present in my work, in which I want to focus on the assessment of puppy temperaments and the impact of environmental factors on their modification.

I am a graduate of the COAPE diploma course, a training course conducted by the PASTEL dog training center and seminars organized by Psia Wachta.

In this section I will post articles written by myself and by others - authorities in the field of companion animal behavior therapy, and future behaviorists with me participating in the COAPE course. I hope that they will prove useful to readers - I invite you to read them and any comments, to which I will be happy to respond.

Edyta Gajewska

Hairy Passion