Rutlands Black Onyxe - Australian Labradoodle

Rutlands Black Onyxe – Australian Labradoodle


Name: Rutlands Black Onyxe

Breed: Australian Labradoodle

Registration No.: AES-F10002C

Black colour

Coat: "curly" curly

Size: Medium (standard and medium puppies)



Hip joints: excellent (results available in breeding)

Elbows: excellent (results available in breeding)

DNA profile: 21827 1

Father: Rutlands Black Onyx

Mother: Flamingo Isabella of Rutlands

NOTE: Rutland Black Onyxe is intended only for mating ASD Australian Labradoodles registered by the organization ALPHA EUROPE. Only in this way and after a thorough verification of the percentage of inbreeding (in the Rutlands line in Hairy Passion we allow a maximum of 3%) we are able to keep this line pure. Each breeder is obliged to present original DNA tests confirming the origin of the bitch. The microchip number must match the one in the DNA records. Each breeder is obliged to present the original pedigree issued by ALFA EUROPE.

Breeders of other generations than the ASD Australian Labradoodle (e.g. F1, F1B, F2, F2B) and those not affiliated with the ALFA EUROPE organization are kindly asked not to contact us regarding stud services.


Rutlands WH Lil Donnan also joins the group of future stud dogs, it is an Australian Labradoodle of miniature size with a very rare "Factored" coat. This means that individual parts of his body (paws, head) fade and brighten to a caramel color (brown and tanned caramel).
In practice, this means that in combination with a bitch of similar color, two-color puppies will be born.

Here is a picture of Donnan:

Australian Labradoodle Donnan

Australian Labradoodle Donnan


Hairy Passion
Australian Labradoodle Kennel in Poland
First Australian Labradoodle in Poland

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The dogs from Hairy Passion come from the very creator of the Rutland Manor breed, from the best lines of working dogs. Our Australian Labradoodles are members of our family. I can't imagine my life without my dogs. Having such a cheerful six is not easy at all...


soon our little ones GODDESS AND DONNAN They will go on a honeymoon and we keep our fingers crossed for it to be fruitful:))) Here you will find information about the puppies:...


At the moment we have Fili's puppies, whose adventures you can follow here: FILA'S PUPPIES HERE

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