The dogs from Hairy Passion come from the very creator of the Rutland Manor breed, from the best lines of working dogs.

Our Australian Labradoodles are members of our family. I can't imagine my life without my dogs. Having such a cheerful six is not a simple matter and it is a huge duty, but the joy that each of them provides is indescribable. Each Labradoodle is an amazing individuality. We try to spread the activities of our dudelki according to their needs.

Onyxe loves jogging, Fila practices searching for missing persons, Goddess - obedience, Caramel prefers being a lap dog and Nessie would go anywhere with us and basically do anything.

Not all dogs live with us - for example, Donnan, who lives with my friend and her Labradoodles (about 10 km from us). Having more than one male in a kennel is a difficult matter. We are not a kennel and we do not keep dogs in cages, so it is really hard to keep an eye on males and females during the period of heat. There may also be competition between dogs. That's why Dondzio lives with Ania and I used to train him and prepare him for olfactory work.

I choose Australian Labradoodles for my breeding with great care when it comes to their health. I don't want any surprises in the form of genetic diseases. Therefore, each new dog in our herd must be thoroughly examined.


Our Dogs:


1. Rutlands WH Golden Glamor (Goldie) (no longer mated)
2. Rutlands Caramel Passion (Caramel), (no longer mated)
3. Hairy Passion Filigree Surprise (Affiliates)
4. Hairy Passion Charming Molly (Molly) (foster family)
5. Hairy Passion Earth Goddess (goddess)

6.Cymbrogis Irresistible Renesemee (Nessie)

and two gentlemen -

1. Rutlands Black Onyx (Onyx)

2. Rutlands WH LIL Donnan (donnan)

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Hairy Passion
Australian Labradoodle Kennel in Poland
First Australian Labradoodle in Poland

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