As a breeder, I chose one of the best organizations for my dogs – Alfa-Europe. Yes, it is an organization with strict rules, but thanks to that I know that I breed healthy Australian Labradoodle dogs and there is no question of scams on the part of breeders.

I know that the Labradoodles registered in it are multi-generational (so-called Multigen) and the organization from the beginning of its activity does not allow early crosses (F1, F1B, etc.) and admixtures of other breeds (Labrador, Poodle, Cocker Spaniel). It would be a step backwards at this point. Also, how can we be sure that such a new Labrador or Spaniel infusion will not cause a regress in the breeding of hypoallergenic and non-shedding dogs? No new owner wants that after a year and after the first change of the puppy's hair, it turns out that the dog is terribly allergic

I am also proud that since the beginning of my organization, it has required DNA testing on all Australian Labradoodle puppies and adults. So I can be sure what kind of dogs are in my lines, I can check if they were healthy.

Personally, it's hard for me to understand how a breeder can sell a breeding puppy for further breeding without DNA tests to confirm the relationship. Especially that in some countries like Australia mating with two males is allowed. How do I know if my dog's dad is actually Azor and not Pimpek? Should I take the breeder's word for it?

Many years of breeding not only Australian Labradoodles and meetings with other breeders have taught me to approach the issue of trust in breeders very carefully. And if there is more than 1 male in the kennel, or daddy will breed the daughter through the breeder's inattention? How can I be so sure who the father of my puppy is without any proof? Should I worry about the disease for the next ten years? Or if it comes out, where to look for the cause?

Unfortunately, the principle of limited trust applies and you should always require DNA tests from the breeder of Australian Labradoodles (and not only). But not just any. Typically, the tests you receive contain lots of numbers and graphs. Read what it's about. The DNA test should have a written confirmation, come from a certified laboratory, with a stamp and confirmation that your puppy is the offspring of a mother with that name and a father with that name. Especially since you pay a lot of money for this puppy.


I undertake:

  • To continue the program initiated by the creators of the breed, with an emphasis on the main assumption in breeding, which is to promote the Australian Working Dog
  • Promote healthy, allergy-friendly multi-generational Australian Labradoodle dogs,
  • Promote the program of "foster families", never build a "kennel",
  • Treat every single dog in my kennel as an individual unit,
  • Take care of the health of my dogs, conduct complete health tests and never allow breeding dogs with genetic defects,
  • Socialize all puppies according to an appropriate socialization plan before they leave my home,
  • Select the right teams: puppy-owner, based on the puppies' temperament tests and applications sent by families,
  • Equip each puppy with a health guarantee against genetic defects.



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