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For the last few years Australian Labradoodle, have become one of the most popular breeds in the United States. They are becoming more and more common in Europe as well. Many people became interested in hoopoes mainly because of their non-shedding and allergy-friendly coat. Australian Labradoodle they are dogs that crave human cooperation, learn quickly and show great attachment to their human pack.
This is one of the few breeds belonging to the category - HYPOALLERGIC. Most allergy sufferers are very skeptical about owning dogs. I know this from my own experience, when I had to look for foster homes one by one, first for my parrot and then for my basset hound. I can only suggest a visit to Hairy Passion, which will certainly allow you to see whether there will be an allergic reaction to dogs or not.
My allergies grew from year to year, then asthma appeared and the allergist strongly advised against having a dog. I was sent for tests, which of course confirmed my fears. I was afraid that I would never be able to pursue my passion, which is dogs and working with them. I read a lot about allergy-friendly dogs and I was still very skeptical about it. Before I decided to get such a dog, I visited the kennel several times to see if I would have any allergic reactions.
Three years ago, public awareness of the existence of such breeds was very low. When I was searching the browser (information on Polish websites was very poor) I came across one of the forums (of a race that is classified as hypoallergenic), where I found a funny definition of the word HYPOALLERGIC. HIPO - that is very, hugely, greatly, here even a comparison to a hippopotamus was made. ALLERGIC, causing allergy, sensitizing = a dog that strongly (strongly) sensitizes. Pretty funny how some people can build their own theories, isn't it?
For some time, my head was occupied with one thought - there are so many people in the world with the problem I am struggling with, and unfortunately, everything indicates that there will be even more of them. I was wondering how many people with disabilities who need an assistance dog will be in this pool? How many allergy sufferers or asthmatics will need a working dog? My goal was to find a breed suitable for working with people and having all the potential for this, and at the same time a breed that is friendly to allergy sufferers.
After some time, in the monthly "Mój Pies" I came across an article written by Magda Urban from the "Psia Wachta" Foundation. It was an article about Beverley Manners from Australia and her wonderful Australian Labradoodles and I knew this was what I was looking for. I didn't hesitate for a long time and we made a fantastic acquaintance. Beverley shared her valuable experiences with me for about a year. Today I feel confident enough to continue her program and create the history of Australian Labradoodles in Poland.

My mission is to help those for whom Beverley decided to create the breed.

I cordially invite you to my "behaviorist" section, where I post my own articles.

Edyta Gajewska

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