Temperament tests

I specialize in performing puppy temperament tests. If you are interested in assessing the temperaments of your little ones, I invite you to cooperate.

Conscious breeders are increasingly interested in testing. An extensive analysis of the puppy begins to serve as another element of the layette for the new owner, which the owners also appreciate very much.

We conduct tests in the 7th week puppies life. Please remember that puppies should be:

– traceable

– in the house there was some room completely foreign to puppies

Edyta Gajewska

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The dog bit my child - case study

Date of Consultation: 15.04.2010 Name and Surname of dog's owner: Bożena Borkowska (wife) 31 years Other family members: Adam Borkowski (husband) 33 years, Maciej Borkowski (son) 2 years Dog/Female: Bitch Name: Osa Breed: Typical Terrier Age of castration/spaying: 3 years...

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