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My name is Edyta and since I can remember animals have always accompanied me in my life. I spent the first years of my life in a small village where my great-grandfather introduced me to the secrets of rural and farm life. Walking among chicks, learning to respect bees (we had our own apiary), barefoot visits to the stable. This wonderful lesson of living in harmony with nature is now passed on to my son Fabian, who inherited my sensitivity and love for the world of fauna and flora.

Growing up in love with the natural world, I was always accompanied by some animals - dogs, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, fish, chickens ....

Unfortunately, I slowly started to become allergic to animals, firstly pigs, hamsters, rabbits, then parrots and finally dogs. For many years I was convinced that I would never be able to have dogs again, which I always dreamed of. Fortunately, I also have something called innate stubbornness and I know that if you really want something, you will find a way to make it come true.

When for the first time I became the owner of a dog with hypoallergenic potential - Blanka, I completely caught the bug. She and I were the perfect team. It started with various types of training with her, and soon after that I began to explore the secrets of animal behavior, which I am passionate about to this day.

I decided that I would start developing in this direction and this is what I will tie my future with.
When I was a child, chickens taught me that you have to be very gentle, bees taught me respect and horses…..that you go to the stable in shoes. As an adult, I graduated from animal behavior and zoopsychology studies. I graduated as an animal behaviorist and zoopsychologist.

I am also an expert witness in the field of animal welfare.

I write articles for Polish cynological magazines (including articles about Australian Labradoodles), and in 2014 I started working on my own book about the development of the brain in puppies and the importance of proper socialization. I hope that the book will be published in 2016.

I take part in various lectures, lectures, trainings and workshops. One of the most important events where I had the opportunity to present my ideas was TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) - a scientific conference organized by the American non-profit Sapling Foundation. Its goal is to popularize - as the motto says - "ideas worth spreading"

TED talk
TEDx Testimonials of Quality

On a daily basis, as a zoopsychologist and behaviorist, he deals with repairing the relationship between man and animal. I help families with the behavioral problems of their pets (mainly dogs and cats). The greatest pleasure, however, gives me the use of my knowledge to socialize puppies. They are born as blank and unwritten cards. What they get from us in the first weeks of life will affect their functioning in adulthood. Therefore, proper socialization of puppies in critical stages of development is crucial for them. This is actually my greatest passion - to look at the developing "noodles" remembering not only what "training institutions" taught me, but also bees and chickens....


Facility: Center of Applied Pet Ethology - COAPE
Qualifications obtained: Animal Behaviorist (British Animal Behavior qualifications licensed by COAPE)

Institution: European Study of Animal Psychology and Practical Knowledge
Qualifications obtained: Zoopsychologist

Facility: The Quadruped Academy, Pastel Alicja Duda
Completed training course

Seminars held and diplomas obtained:

Akademia 4 Łapy, "Relaxing massage workshops for dogs"
Kyno Edukacja "What's in the genes, or how to choose a sire"
Amber Batson, a series of seminars from the series "New Concepts in Behavior Science":
Amber Batson, "Taming the Savage - Silencing the Dog with Rewards"
Amber Batson, "How Memory works in dogs - what a dog remembers, how its behavior changes and how we can influence it"
Amber Batson, "Atypical Behavior - Aggression, Depression, Learned Helplessness, Stereotype Development"
Professor Raymond Coppinger, "Canine Emotions, Intelligence and Behavior"
Alexa Capra "Behavioral testing in the adoption process"
Turid Rugaas "The Work of the Therapist Dog"
Sally Askew "Dog Nutrition and Behavioral Problems"


For a while, my head was occupied with one thought - there are so many people with allergies in the world, and unfortunately, it looks like there will be even more. I was wondering how many people with disabilities who need an assistance dog will be in this pool? How many allergy sufferers or asthmatics will need a working dog?

Suddenly I came across an article in the monthly “My Pies” written by Magda Urban from the “Psia Wachta” Foundation. It was an article about Beverley Manners from Australia and her wonderful Australian Labradoodles and I knew this was what I was looking for. I didn't hesitate for a long time and we made a fantastic acquaintance. Beverley shared her valuable experiences with me for about a year.

In 2008, I visited Beverley Manners in Rutland Manor, Australia. I stayed with her for 5 weeks. These were weeks during which I learned a lot myself taking care of her dogs, but also thanks to valuable evening conversations with Beverley over a cup of tea. It was definitely one of the experiences I will remember for the rest of my life. First of all, the mere contact with so many dogs and the lack of an allergic reaction caused an ubiquitous smile on my face. I totally caught the bug.

Mom Ela

My mother Ela was the final impulse to establish an Australian Labradoodle kennel. For 5 years we took care of dogs together. Unfortunately, in 2014, a cruel disease took her away from us. However, I know that to this day he supports and protects me ... although not as much as before.

Hairy Passion
First Australian Labradoodle Kennel in Poland