We have puppies! (We have got beautiful puppies)

Goldie is a very brave girl, the birth was long and difficult but we were all there to help and support her. There were some surprises, but each of them is a new experience for us and teaches us, above all, to be ready for anything, never to sit on our laurels and constantly enrich our knowledge, thanks to which we feel fulfilled in what we do.

Puppies are already 22 days old, still suckling mother's milk. We believe that it is very important, that's why we do not feed anything, but we make sure that each puppy gains weight properly and spends the right amount of time at the mother's nipple.

This will immunize babies until at least 6 weeks of age when they are ready to be vaccinated. What is very important - after all, we have winter.

A few days ago we tried an amazing thing - massage. At the beginning we started on Goldie - 5 minutes of massage and Goldi fell asleep either standing up or on our laps. So we decided to try the same on the puppies - really amazing experience, the puppies were very relaxed and enjoyed it very much, they fell asleep instantly. We now want to meet their main need - the need for safety, so everything we do is gentle - without exposing such young puppies to senseless stress.

Of course, it was time to visit the rooms. Slowly, slowly they will see everything. Be very careful not to overdo it with the number of stimuli and do it very skillfully. Inexperienced often exaggerate with neurological stimulation and this often affects the dog's adult life. Such dogs are often nervous. That's why we give puppies time, we do everything slowly and at the right time when it's needed.

We believe that every puppy is born with a mission. We are happy to target each of them.
Now we do simple but special exercises on each of the puppies (acting on their diaphragms), which immunizes the little ones against motion sickness. Unfortunately, many dogs suffer from it these days. Some say that a puppy should be carried in the car from 3 weeks of age to make it immune. And we don't; – ), and we have our secrets and ways without exposing puppies to stress at such a young age (stress that will affect puppies in adulthood anyway)

Puppies have been dewormed a long time ago, because bitches often have so-called dormant larvae that become active during pregnancy and can transfer to fetuses, or puppies swallow them with mother's milk. Fortunately, they didn't have any worms, but we still have at least 2 rounds of deworming to come.

Soon more news and photos. In the meantime, I invite you to watch the current ones (will appear in a few hours)

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We have puppies

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