Before I match the right puppy, I get to know your family dynamics.

After birth, puppies are closely watched by us. And right after birth, the whole process of matching with the right family begins. On the 49th day, puppies' temperament tests are carried out. They are carried out by a person from the outside and in an unfamiliar environment for dogs, so that the puppies' reactions are as natural as possible.

Our experience shows that the results of the tests coincide with what the breeder observes for the next weeks of the puppies life. The results are recorded in a special table, which is also superimposed on the description of family dynamics and its preferences. This is how we match the most suitable puppy for you. We take full responsibility for this fit.
We can take your preferences into account, however sometimes your preferred puppy (color or sex) doesn't fit your family dynamic and in this case we won't be able to offer you one. The more flexible you are in your preferences, the better, because the choice is wider. We take this matter very seriously and take full responsibility for this choice.


Hairy Passion
Australian Labradoodle Kennel in Poland
First Australian Labradoodle in Poland

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Is my Australian Labradoodle Genuine?

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