Rutlands Caramel Passion

Breed: Australian Labradoodle Registration number: AES-F10001TC Color: Caramel Coat: "curly" curly Size: Medium (Caramel puppies grow up to Medium and Standard sizes) Tests: Prcd-PRA: CLEAR (test results available from the breeder) Hip joints -. ..

Rutlands WH Golden Glamor

Breed: Australian Labradoodle Name: Rutlands WH Golden Glamor Registration Number: AES-F090015C Colour: Golden Coat: Curly Curly Size: Small Standard Testing: Prcd-PRA: result - CLEAR Von Hillebrand's Disease Type I: result - CLEAR Penn Hip: perfect...

Hairy Passion Filigree Surprise

Name: Hairy Passion Filigree Surprise Registration number: AES-F11011T-C Color: golden Coat: Curly wavy Size: Medium - 45 cm at the withers (her puppies can be miniature and medium sized) Parents: Rutlands WH Golden Glamor (mother) Rutlands. ..

Hairy Passion Charming Molly

Name: Hairy Passion Charming Molly Breed: Australian Labradoodle Colour: Apricot Size: standard Tests: Prcd-PRA: CLEAR Hips/elbows: Normal Molly is a wonderful bitch with a rare coat. She is curious about the world and her owners of the world beyond her...

Hairy Passion Earth Goddess

Breed: Australian Labradoodle Name: Hairy Passion Earth Goddess Parents: mother: Rutlands WH Golden Glamor father: Rutlands Black Onyxe Registration ALFA EUROPE - AES-F14004C Colour: golden coat: Curly Wavy Size: medium (puppies in...