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On the website Hairy Pasja you will find information about dogs breed Australian Labradoodle. We run the first kennel of this breed in Poland and offer dogs for sale. We breed dogs in three sizes: standard, medium, miniature. Labradoodles are ideal dogs for children. They feel good in the family and love to play together. They are also dogs whose fur is friendly to allergy sufferers. If you are interested in a dog for children, which will be a great playmate, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our puppies. Our strength is the socialization plans that we build for each litter so that each puppy is well prepared for adoption. More information on this subject can be found in the "Reservations and payments" section.

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Australian Labradoodle

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As a breeder, I chose one of the best organizations for my dogs – Alfa-Europe. Yes, it is an organization with strict rules, but thanks to that I know that I breed healthy Australian Labradoodle dogs.

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The Australian Labradoodle has become one of the most popular breeds in the United States. They are becoming more and more common in Europe as well. Many people became interested in hoopoes mainly because of their non-shedding and allergy-friendly coat.

Reservations and payments

Bearing in mind the well-being of our Australian Labradoodle puppies, we want to be sure that they will be in good hands. We will inform you about the availability of the qualification form on the website

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Is my Australian Labradoodle Genuine? Are you sure my Australian Labradoodle has an allergy-friendly coat?
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My adventure with animals began when it had to end abruptly. Due to asthma and numerous allergies, I had to find homes - first for my beloved parrot, then for my Basset Hound. However, I soon realized that it was all part of a larger plan.

Australian Labradoodle


Australian Labradoodle Caramel & Donnan puppies 2013

WEEK 1 We came into this world, exactly on the 62nd day of pregnancy of our mother caramels. The day before, mother scared our Lady because her temperature rose very much. She thought we were about to be born, but it was only bowel problems....

TEDx conference - Ideas worth spreading!

TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) - a scientific conference organized by the American non-profit Sapling Foundation. The aim - to popularize - as the motto says - "ideas worth spreading". Ideas, thoughts, visions that can change the world. day...

How do we socialize our puppies? Our new article

Welcome! We have just published a new article on puppy socialization on our website. Why is it so important and how it affects the future life of a puppy. We invite you to read the article, which of course contains a lot of photos of our...

Australian Labradoodle Donnan at a tracking workshop

Workshops - tracking. From the series how Donnan copes with finding "missing people" Australian Labradoodle Donnan - a perfect dog :) Quite recently we went to a workshop organized by Everest Summit of the Tracking Agreement. Nose...

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