Hair salon

How to properly care for your Labradoodle? You will receive all this information with your first adopted dog.

For professional trimming, however, I invite you to HAIRY PASSION. There are no hairdressers experienced in trimming Australian Labradoodles in Poland yet. pattern. Even in countries where they are so popular, customers often come back from the hairdresser in tears, because their Australian Labradoodle no longer looks like an Australian Labradoodle.

The main mistake people make is shaving a Labradoodle that has tangles, or cutting out the tangles leaving holes in the coat. A good hairdresser should be able to remove tangles in a completely painless way for the dog, without disturbing the coat and leaving no holes in it. However, it is a great art.

The method of trimming also depends on the type of his coat.

Dogs in Hairy Passion are trimmed according to the pattern of Beverley Manners from Rutland Manor, i.e. the pattern of the founder of the breed herself.

In the future, I intend to organize workshops for hairdressers who will be interested in expanding their knowledge about trimming the Australian Labradoodle according to. pattern.