Organizations of breeders and owners of Australian Labradoodles? Yes! but are they all?

Indeed, it is good when the breeder is a member of an organization associating breeders and owners of Australian Labradoodles. In this way, we are sure that this organization imposes very strict ethical codes on its charges. However! Before you decide to get a puppy, make sure what the ethical code of the organization is and what kind of dogs it accepts. The founder of the main (still active) organizations is Beverley Manners, co-creator of the breed. These organizations proudly use her name and kennel name. However, they do not make public the fact that Beverley herself stepped down from the board when these organizations began to take other paths - completely different from the founder's vision. These are organizations that until today, in addition to mating Australian Labradoodles, also allow their crossbreeding with other breeds, such as Spaniel. Think about whether you want to be a participant in the experiment without knowing it? Do you want to become the owner of a multi-generational Australian Labradoodle in line with the vision of its creator?

If the organization is only one that goes towards the vision of its creator and allows crossbreeding only within the race. ALFA EUROPE is one of such organizations, and additionally the only one in the world, that requires breeders to carry out DNA tests on every single puppy (tests to confirm parentage). Thanks to this, you can be sure that your Australian Labradoodle is genuine and not a Poodle, Spaniel or a cross of dogs of indeterminate origin.


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