Regular exercise is not only necessary for overall health. Through exercise, puppies develop strong muscles, bones and joints. Physical exercise stimulates the flow of oxygen in the body, which enriches the blood. Blood, in turn, provides nutrients to the entire body.
I have often been asked how much and how often to allow my dog to exercise during the day.
And it depends - mainly on age and type of effort.
If we let our dog run without a leash - the puppy will regulate the amount of effort itself, deciding to rest when it feels tired. The movements that the dog performs at this time are not uniform (as opposed to walking on a leash), the dog runs, jumps, goes in one direction, then turns back.
When walking on a leash, we must remember that the puppy is constantly using the same "set" of muscles, tendons and ligaments in a repetitive continuous movement. Moving in this way for a long period of time can lead to constant strains. Immature joints can also be exposed to irreversible damage.
What about jumping (understood as jumping on and off various objects)? It is generally not recommended for a puppy under 12 months of age. Joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments are not mature until then, so this kind of exertion must be controlled.

So how do you dose walking on a leash according to the puppy's age?
• From three to four months of age, walks should be no longer than ten minutes each
• From four to six months of age, do not exceed 15 minutes for each session
• From six to twelve months, each session should not exceed thirty minutes
• At the age of twelve months, we can afford longer walks and even jogging.

Puppies under 12 months of age should not run up and down stairs, jump on and off high objects. Constantly running and jumping on objects before puberty can lead to hip or elbow dysplasia.


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