Australian Labradoodles are very smart creatures. Training them is key. They learn very quickly, also those undesirable things. Therefore, education in the early stages of a dog's life is crucial.
The first phase of puppy education should be provided by the breeder. A responsible breeder socializes puppies and socializes them every day - not just for photo and video documentation (for information on socialization, see "How do I socialize a puppy before it gets to you"). When you pick up your puppy - it's your turn.
The first step you should take is to enroll your Australian Labradoodle puppy in a “dog daycare”. Such kindergartens spend more time on socialization than on proper training. Of course, you will learn basic commands such as sit, down, recall, walk on a leash, come back on the sound of the whistle. However, it's all about providing the dog with a lot of various stimuli until the age of 16 weeks, when the socialization period ends. The trainer should approach each puppy individually, so that he or she can choose the right direction for further work.
It is very important that the school you go to offers courses based on positive reinforcement training. When you ask - whether a spike collar or a choke collar are allowed in the training, you get the answer "YES", this is a school for classes you do not want to attend.
Dog schools offer various courses. Such courses can be a lot of fun for you and your dog and will definitely strengthen the bond between you. Some schools offer general obedience training, agility training, dog trekking and even sniffing courses. General obedience training is a must and then you can decide if and in what direction you want to go further.
Finally, a few words about dog agility courses. Training dog sports and participating in competitions makes a dog very pumped up (which is not a good thing), adrenaline levels rise and few know that it takes up to one week for this level to drop to normal. Some experts are starting to promote "Agility stress free" courses, which seem to be a good solution, although this is very new knowledge, not yet widely disseminated.
You should not wind up your dog unnecessarily.


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