Most families who choose an Australian Labradoodle usually do so because of its allergy-friendly, non-shedding coat. And yet, before you decide on this breed, take some time to analyze your family situation and your possibilities. Are you able to meet the needs of the breed and does it suit you? Will a dog fit into your family dynamic?

It is very important that you tell the breeder what you intend to do with your dog - what kind of activity and in what form you are able to provide him. If your goal is to participate in obedience or agility competitions, you need a more active dog with a livelier temperament. If you do not have such ambitions, it is best if you decide on a family dog with whom you will enjoy the company, trips out of town or to the lake.

Note, however, that it is important to distinguish between physical and mental activity. Even extreme physical exertion will not provide the mental stimulation that the Australian Labradoodle so desperately needs.

So Australian Labradoodles, what are they?

* First of all, they are very bright and intelligent. Many people want to have such an intelligent dog. However, it must be remembered that such a dog learns these undesirable things as quickly as it learns what we want to teach it. And here is a kind of trap - if we want a well-behaved dog, we have to spend some time with him to make him the companion we want. He won't learn it himself. And here I recommend obedience courses - thanks to them, we will not only provide the necessary physical and mental stimulation and train ourselves a fantastic companion for many years. Such training builds a strong guide-dog bond.

* They do not show aggressive behavior, they rarely bark.

* They easily socialize with other animals.

* Friendly for children of all ages. They love to be with their human "herd". Therefore, if you are thinking about a dog that will run freely around your yard, a dog that will not participate in family life, a dog that will be given to your aunt every holiday, do not decide on a Labradoodle, because you will do him a great disservice.

* Due to their willingness to work with people, they are very good working dogs

* They love playing and water. They will be good companions for people who like to spend time outside the city.

* They love stimulation in the form of training with the owner. My dudles are always on full alert. Perhaps the Lady will have some new order for them to carry out.

* They have a very deeply rooted retriever instinct. They even love playing fetch - they are great playmates with children


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